Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Party in the USA, indeed!!

Howdy blogosphere, how goes it?! So I'm trolling through my favorite frivolous celeb dish sites today and I come across this little tidbit about how Miley Cyrus is fixin' to do a cover of Poison's "Every Rose Has it's Thorn"... can we say, 'teen trash meets geezer trash'? YEEHAW!!
So it looks like young Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana/jailbait/Brit-Brit in training, is about ready to remake the hair band classic that glam rocker-turned-reality TV whore, Bret Michaels once wrote for a stripper who broke his heart in the 80's. And it's rumored that ol' Brett is gonna do the strummin' to Miley's hummin' on the remake of his trusty steed of a hit that won't quit.
Now, I'm not against hairband ballads, or covers of them for that matter, but does anyone else find it creepy that Miley's gonna be singing a song about a trashy pole dancer after her infamous display of her pole dancing aspirations at the Teen Choice Awards earlier this year? I'm just sayin..=-O


Anonymous said...

Yay for Glam Vita, babe!!!! Boo for Miley. What's next? Taylor Swift covering "Touch the Sky"? Pop kids....they so crazy!!!!

ERIKS said...

*gag* sorry but this is just too much white trash colliding in one spot for me. Takes one to know one, and I know I am one because Rock of Love is my filthy little secret.

GirleeCat said...

Ahh, I'm also guilty of the sin of loving Rock of Love. I actually tivo that shizz. Dunno if there's a new season coming out soon, but watch for our boy Brett on the spring 2010 season of Celebrity Apprentice!!

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