Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gobble THIS!!!

All hail Hello Kitty-inspired art!!! It's so fun to soak in all the cool details of this painting!! MEOW!! (On display via Japan-LA Small Gift LA Art Show)

Happy Thanksgiving holiday weekend every booty!!! Hope you're all basking in in the lethargic glory of this most trytophan-tastic of American traditions!! And while this might be a time for leftovers, shopping and football for most, here at Glam Vita we like to use this time to reflect on all the stoked events that have been happening as of late!! (And by "we" I mean me and my new avatar that I had illustrated for my blog header, above - check her!) Anywho, so back to the latest happenings around G-Cat's LA!!
First up: The Hello Kitty Prom in Santa Monica -- yaaayyy!!! So this here was one of my favorite recent events cuz as some of you may know, I'm kind of an authority of Hello Kitty... Seriously, I am! Just go to Hello Kitty's Wikipedia page and scroll to the bottom to see my 2003 article about Hello Kitty for Toy Directory Magazine listed as the 3rd citation Reference source for the wikipedia page..mmhmm, I told you so! Anywho, now that you know I'm legit in the kitty arts, it's not hard to imagine that I was an invited guest (ahem!) to the prom, which was held as part of Sanrio's 50th Anniversary festival at the Barker Hanger in Santa Monica last Saturday. And yes, it was every bit the pepto-bismal-pink-cartoon-kitty-freak-fest one might imagine it to be!! And amplifying the overt girlyness of it all?? That's right folks - it was an 80's themed Hello Kitty Prom, complete with an 80's cover band - hooty-hoooo!!! Here are some pix for a clear idea of what exactly goes down at a Hello Kitty 80's-themed prom:
Awesome people watching!!! I think she said her name is Raque and she was definitely in the 80's HK spirit!!
My prom pic with my date Satomi and Hello Kitty herself!! Peace, y'all!! =-)

More people watching!!

A wide array of Sanrio-inspired art!! This one was a fave because it shows how women, namely Japanese women, grow up with HK from childhood to adulthood and still consider HK the shizz for this bizz!!!
Below is another awesome piece by Ms. Kiko!!

No Hello Kitty prom night would be complete without a pink kitty chariot!! Behold Satomi behind the wheel of the HK hybrid!! =-p

Friday, November 12, 2010

Kamasutra Wishes and Basmati Dreams!!

Priyanka Chopra rockin' a Louis Vuitton dress made of vintage sari material on the cover of Vogue India...sooo AMAZING on so many levels!!!!
It's Diwali time and for those who don't know, Diwali marks the New Year in Indian culture, which also makes it a time of reflection and celebration like in the West, but with the vibrance and flavor of the East!! And while India's influence has long been admired and adopted by different countries and their respective cultures the world over (ex./ curry is England's national dish, riiight??.. *wink-wink*), never before has the spirit and beauty of India's vibrant positivity been jocked the way it is now...unless you define "jocking" as the  hundreds of years of British rule when  our nation was pillaged and our people exploited those kooky Brits came in and "civilized" our people The Queen's way (Gotta love that Partition plan, good times... =-O)
Anywho, blame it on the popularity of Slumdog Millionaire or LA's collective basehead-level craving for palak paneer over basmati rice, but G-Cat is seeing some serious props for desi culture out there right now and LOVING IT!!! Whether it be Louis Vuitton debuting a line of clothing made of vintage sari material and decorating all of its store window displays in honor of Diwali the world over, or my man Conan O'Brian shooting an advetorial sketch in India for AmEx, I'm basking in all this juicy desi flow right now!!! Hence, I've decided to dedicate this post to all the positive vibrations coming to and from India at the moment. Behold a little exhibition I like to call:
Kamasutra Wishes & Basmati Dreams!!

Exhibit A: Louis V + India = BFF
Little Known Fact: Louis Vuitton and India have had a long history together dating back to the time of the maharajas! In fact, the Maharaja of Kapurthala (1872-1949) ordered more than 50 customized Louis Vuitton trunks for his clothes, tea and turbans waay back in the day!! It's said the set now belongs to his grandson who holds the same master key. Courtesy: Republic of Brown 

LOVE the spirit of this dress!!! Wear with or without the belt and it's fabulous all the same. Check out Christy Turlington wearing it HERE!!
Punjabi in Pink: I love this color and I especially love this slouchy little dress in this shade!! The entire Diwali inspired Louis V collection comes ready-to-wear and can only be purchased on-site at the  LV Paris Montaigne store!! *tear*
EXHIBIT B: Conan O'Brian India Commercial
This here is the edited version of Conan O'Brian's new American Express commercial, which is on BLAST damn near every time I fast-forward through a commercial break on my DVR!!! I don't mind it though cuz it's two things I love together in one place: Coco and India!!! Coco butchers speaks some Hindi too - check him out!!!
Exhibit C: Indian Call Centers as Entertainment
We first saw this "call center chic" trend (if it can be called that) in parts of Slumdog when our hero Dev, also the Chai Wallah at a call center in Mumbai, was tracking down his big bro at work in between chai shifts. Now, it seems there's a movie AND an NBC sitcom set in India's call centers -- and both are called "Outsourced"!!!  (Generic much??) Here's a couple of clips for a better idea:

Outsourced the Film...

Outsourced on the sitcom on NBC...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Girl Crush Strikes @ LA Fashion Week!!

Kelly Nishimoto pairs up for a pic w/moi!!
So, last week I covered one of the final events of LA Fashion Week for - the Kelly Nishimoto fashion show at the W Hotel, Hollywood. [Click HERE to see]
Who's Kelly Nishimoto you ask? Aside from being the gorgeous specimen in the pink fur on the left, she is one of LA's hottest young clothing designers on the scene today, and more recently, my new girl crush!!
Now before some of you go ape sh*t with the girl-in-black & pink-on-girl-in-black & pink fantasies (you know who you are), I say girl crush because she's beautiful, talented and making her mark - 3 things that instantly make me admire her and also want to braid her hair in the bath while discussing our love of 80's synth-pop and shopping at Mood. (Stop balking!!)
Anywho, her sh*t's not just hot because she's worn by the likes of Gwen Stefani, Paris Hilton and Dave Navarro. (Don't act surprised - you know he gets down like that!!) No my pretties, K-Nish (as I'm calling her now that we're besties we've met) is the sh*t because her designs embody what most LA women are looking for in an outfit: fun, flattering and feminine. Oh yeah, and if you're ballin' on a budget like moi, her stuff is actually affordable!! Scroll down for her latest contribution to girly-fied fabulousness, the Easy Glamour collection:
Is it a maxi dress? Is it formal wear? BOTH, b*tches!!
Love this look!! Very reminiscent of Michael C.'s
"Effortless Dress" from season 8's Project Runway.

Ok, not so down with the knickers,
but LOVE the bustier & leggings!!

Satin & slouch!! This look is soft, pretty and chic, just like its designer!!

Swap the ankle boots for some stiletto mules and I'd rock this outfit AS IS!!

K, nevermind the Grace-Jones-on-qualudes
lookin model, the metallic front-slit skirt is SEXAY!!