Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gobble THIS!!!

All hail Hello Kitty-inspired art!!! It's so fun to soak in all the cool details of this painting!! MEOW!! (On display via Japan-LA Small Gift LA Art Show)

Happy Thanksgiving holiday weekend every booty!!! Hope you're all basking in in the lethargic glory of this most trytophan-tastic of American traditions!! And while this might be a time for leftovers, shopping and football for most, here at Glam Vita we like to use this time to reflect on all the stoked events that have been happening as of late!! (And by "we" I mean me and my new avatar that I had illustrated for my blog header, above - check her!) Anywho, so back to the latest happenings around G-Cat's LA!!
First up: The Hello Kitty Prom in Santa Monica -- yaaayyy!!! So this here was one of my favorite recent events cuz as some of you may know, I'm kind of an authority of Hello Kitty... Seriously, I am! Just go to Hello Kitty's Wikipedia page and scroll to the bottom to see my 2003 article about Hello Kitty for Toy Directory Magazine listed as the 3rd citation Reference source for the wikipedia page..mmhmm, I told you so! Anywho, now that you know I'm legit in the kitty arts, it's not hard to imagine that I was an invited guest (ahem!) to the prom, which was held as part of Sanrio's 50th Anniversary festival at the Barker Hanger in Santa Monica last Saturday. And yes, it was every bit the pepto-bismal-pink-cartoon-kitty-freak-fest one might imagine it to be!! And amplifying the overt girlyness of it all?? That's right folks - it was an 80's themed Hello Kitty Prom, complete with an 80's cover band - hooty-hoooo!!! Here are some pix for a clear idea of what exactly goes down at a Hello Kitty 80's-themed prom:
Awesome people watching!!! I think she said her name is Raque and she was definitely in the 80's HK spirit!!
My prom pic with my date Satomi and Hello Kitty herself!! Peace, y'all!! =-)

More people watching!!

A wide array of Sanrio-inspired art!! This one was a fave because it shows how women, namely Japanese women, grow up with HK from childhood to adulthood and still consider HK the shizz for this bizz!!!
Below is another awesome piece by Ms. Kiko!!

No Hello Kitty prom night would be complete without a pink kitty chariot!! Behold Satomi behind the wheel of the HK hybrid!! =-p


Sarah said...

AMAZING post, darling!!!! So jealous of you going to that Prom but looks like you had a fantastic time! Oh, and the header? FABUlous! xoxo

GirleeCat said...

Thanks doll, it really was a fun night!! Also, thanks for the feedback on the new header art - I'm glad you likey!!! =-)

Anonymous said...

Nice Toy Directory reference! haha. Great article

GirleeCat said...

Thanks gilry!! Yeah, I figured you'd be the only one to, uh, appreciate the Toy Directory reference, haha!! ;-p

Ninjagaiden78 said...

That is soooo dope. I would love to link this on my blog.

GirleeCat said...

Thanks Ninja!! Please go right ahead!!! Here's the post link:

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Alisa said...

thanks for stopping by at my blog and leaving a nive comment! following your cute blog now!

GirleeCat said...

Awesome!!! Thanks Alisa, I love your blog!! Have a very happy new year, can't wait to see more beauty posts from you!! =-)

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