Thursday, August 16, 2012

I Can't Stands No More!!

"There's something wrong with the world today, there's something wrong with our eyes. We're seeing things in a different way and God knows it ain't his, it sure ain't no surprise..."
Ladies & Gentlemen, what is really going on?! I know I'm not alone here when I say this, but this crazy violence has got me coming loose. And not in a shoot-up-the-nearest-public-place kinda way, but rather in a there-seems-to-be-no-bleepin-end-to-it kinda way. I'm aware that psychopaths have existed in society since the dawn of mankind and that our constitutional right to bear arms is well, constitutional, but enough is bloody enough. (Literally.)

I understand that when the constitution was drafted (by that small group of white men squatting living in a predominantly indigenously brown nation over 200 years ago), one's right to constant armed protection might have been essential for the times, but in today's society, the need to consistently arm oneself from the threat of in-home military combat and/or wild American wildebeast attacks has strongly diminished since the 1800's.
A candle light vigil held at the Sikh temple in Walnut, CA on 8/7/12 to
honor the victims of the Wisconsin temple shooting. However, I honor
 all the victims of senseless gun violence this year from Trayvon Martin
to the victims of the Toronto, Colorado and Gurdwara shootings..

And while the overall level of destruction to which society and its weapons are now capable of carrying out has grown increasingly sophisticated over the last two centuries, the actual tactical domestic need for such weaponry among each and every citizen of this country is no longer as strong as it was over 200 years ago. It may be argued that the country is far more populated now and that society's moral structure has eroded considerably to the point of outright decay,  yet it still doesn't attest for the need for every single person to be strapped. Especially now that there are more people than ever before.

What's that you say? "But, once upon a time someone robbed my house or held me up at the bank and took all I had, so it's my right to protect myself"!! Ok. I understand the overwhelming need to have protection for next time and as a clinical psychology major, I know PTSD can be a bitch, but think about what that "eye-for-an-eye" notion can potentially mean. So, the next time some degenerate tries to make a move on what's yours you're just going to point, shoot and take someone's life? No matter what, every time? Think about it. Taking someone's life is just that -- taking someone's life.  And just like words you wish you'd never said, you can't take that back. Ever.
So, with that I will just conclude that while the above is my stance on the issue, I really don't know that tighter gun laws are going to stop those who aready own guns and have a mind to kill from going out and comitting murder, however, perhaps heightened limiting/monitering of gun sales nationwide might prevent future tragedies. Maybe if they started making psychologoical evaluations a mandatory prerequisite to owning a gun or limited the amount of guns people can have per household that might make a difference, but who's to say? The "war" on drugs hasn't stopped people from OD'ing year after year, but yet, certain laws seem to want to "work" when it suits the election year right.

For instance, right now the law says that gays can't get married, so guess what? Gay people still can't get married in most parts of the US. The law also says that the sale of foie gras in the state of Calabama California is now illegal, so guess what? I have to travel across state lines to get my fill of fatty duck liver scrumptiousness when the need it. You see? Laws can be upheld when the intent is there, and if marrying someone of the same sex, smoking and joint and eating foie gras are all against the law in my home State, then so should being able to go into a gun shop and registering/getting a gun in a matter of weeks. It's way too easy and we're just now starting to talk it about. I hope we continue to talk about it.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Chump Brigade 2011: Oh, the Humanity!

Warning: This could get intense. Those sensitive to harsh criticism of overwhelming displays of dumb*ss behavior might want to scroll down and ogle Kate Moss' nipsies for the duration of this post, cuz it's about to get hot in here and not in a good way.
Okie, so the past few months have found your girl a little maxed-out on the blogging, since there's been a slew of freelance gigs and essays in the name of grad school that have been dominating any free time to write as of late. (Not that I'm complaining, considering it all paid off now that I've been accepted to Pepperdine!) Yet, even while too busy to blog, I still like to keep tabs on what all has been going on in this wacky world of ours. And while there's been plenty of good shite to report, namely freelance gigs with OC Weekly (here, here& here) and Yahoooo!! (here & here), there seems to be an onslaught of lame, lousy b*tchassness going down as well. Let me elaborate.
You see, even through my too-damn-busy-to-bother-chiming-in-on-the-Chuck-Sheen-freakshow haze, I've noticed that Ol' Chazz isn't the only one crashing and burning in a sex-puddle of his own venomous secretions. No-no my lovelies, it seems that there's a whole movement of these fuglee old bozos  running around in the media and making a mockery of their reputations, and in-turn, making our collective stomachs churn. Howevs, I'd say these busters are even worse than Charlie Sheen because most of them are men (and I use that term loosely) who hold government office and have actual titles that we elected them to have!!
Some have fathered illegitimate children with mistresses ugly enough to be the ass of the missing link, others have used campaign dollars to fund their round-the-clock p*ssy habit, and ALL have brought shame to their families and (inadvertently) our nation.
In Medieval times they'd have stoned these mofo's to death, or at the very least, had their nether regions tarred & feathered. Hell, if these dudes were to act a fool like this in India, they'd be chased down with slats of wood and random debris, and given a thorough ass whooping by the public!! (Depending on who they disrespected and how, of course;)
Today we're not so drastic with the physical punishment. Karma has evolved the punishment for such indiscretions to be far more advanced than medevil torture. Now your payback comes in form of total reputation debauchery via tabloid media and the general narc-ness or the internet age in general.
So, I present to you G-Cat's Top 3 Doofuss list!!

Sukka, please?! Foreal? You're really gonna "cry" after you were done sending nekkid pix of your luckily-married self to the li'l dippers out there??? C'mon son!!! You need to get the f*ck outta here with that weak ass bullshit!!
2. Tha Govanatah
There are not enough words to describe how low this dude is. Ok, say we forgive him for being bored in his marriage. I can get down with that cuz after all, Maria does seem uber frigid. But that's besides the point. The point is that while Ahnuld was in the pursuit of whatever the chubacaabra dragged in, he not only impregnated said chuba, but he also ended up destroying his marriage to Maria Shriver, his relationship with the rest of his family and alienating his "love child" for life. Loser.
1.) Mofo John Edwards
See that look? Yeah, that look says it all: Shruggin off all the campeign p*ssy he's been getting? Check! Having the perfect excuse to creep around on  his loving wife & supporter who happened to lose her 6-year battle with breast cancer in the midst of all his bullsh*t cheating? Check! Sh*t eating grin to assure it's all good in the campeign hood?? Check!!! So as you can see, this doofus wins in the Chump Brigade contest. Congrats're the biggest twat of 'em all!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Celebrating VD & the Grammys the Glam Vita Way!!!

Couple's Catwalk! Valentine's "Barbie & Ken" model lingerie by Karla Giselle and Andrew Christian during a Grammy afterparty in Hollywood, Feb. 13th.
Oh, helloooo my dears!!! It's been a hot minute since my last post and I do apologize for the slackness, howevs, I assure you that I've been incognito for good reason (my future!) and NO ONE has missed Glam Vita more than me!!!! Now before I get into just where the bleep I've been the past few weeks, I'd like to direct your attention to the hot models in lingerie above (and below, for that matter). And, no, I haven't been abducted by a semi-nudist colony and forced to forgo my blogging prowess to prance in my undies -- these here are some snaps (taken by moi!) of a super hot lingerie fashion show thrown by the party peoples at F.A.M.E. LA in honor of the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards/Valentine's Day and a whole bunch of other sponsors. But who cares about them?? On to the fashion!!
True Blood's Natasha Alam poses
for GirleeCat on the red carpet.
So yeah, said lingerie show went down at Level Three nightclub inside the Kodak Theater complex in Hollywood in honor of this year's non-Belieber Grammys. And while there was a bit of action on the red carpet with Grammy hopefuls, newbies and unknowns, etc., most of the red carpet buzz was for the lovely blond on the right who happens to be the newest star of HBO's True Blood!! Her name is Natasha Alam and not only does she play Eric Northman’s (Alexander Skarsgard) newest love interest on the hit vampire softcore porn tv show, she's also a Playboy playmate!! Wooooot!!
Hot vampire chics aside, the lingerie show was completely en pointe in style, presentation and art direction, albeit running really late. (Never cut into a glamorista's beauty sleep before the Monday morning rush, hmpff!!) But once the show was on, it was ON!! Boooyy did them models put it on us!!! Check out the hot bods styles on display by designers Karla Giselle, Andrew Christian, Style by Sterling and Dulcenea Lingerie:
Holy Crotch, Batman!!! I don't know if the male models were stuffin' or fluffin' before the show, but I'll just keep it clean & talk about homeboy's, uh, tie. Yeah, the tie is by Style by Sterling.. ;-p

Normally I'm not a fan of the bleached blond look, but
it totally works here with the baby pink lace. Love this set!!!

Ol' girl looks like she could use an In-N-Out burger (or 20!),
but the black set she's flossin' is super sexaay!!

Obligatory corset shot!! Love the choice of colors and fabrics here.

Yummy!!! The undies are Andrew Christian & the tie is S-by-S again..

Beautiful set!! This color works so well with her skin tone!!
Too bad it looks like she she just caught a wiff of Charlie Sheen's
breath after a long night of hookers, 8-balls and booze!!

Friday, January 14, 2011


Brandon Flowers & his 'stache...
As much of a music lover that I am, I realize that I hardly ever do any music posts!!! Tisk-tisk on GirleeCat for this!!! So guess what we have this fine Friday evening, folks?? That's right, a little snippet from my T-Tunes for ye!!  This here is a track off of an album I've been OBSESSED with and have been listening to practically non-stop in my car for like almost 2 months now. It's a song called "Jacksonville" off of Brandon Flowers' solo album, Flamingo. Who's Brandon Flowers and why is he singing about stank-ass Jacksonville (no offence to anyone from Jacksonville:) you ask?? Brandon Flowers, or B-Flowers as I like to call him, is the lead singer of the Killers who decided to go solo last year for "Reasons Unknown"... ok, I know that was cheezy.
Anywho, I love this track, "Jacksonville." It's thick, dark and sexy like the flicker of candlelight in dark brown eyes. And the great thing is that it's the best song on the album that was never even supposed to be on the album cuz it's a bonus track!! In fact, I think some presses of Flamingo don't even have it one there! Nevermind that it's named after the largest city in Florida, which was named after Andrew Jackson (thank you Wikipedia). And nevermind that there's no official video clip for it so I have no choice but to post the least cheezy youtube vid of it I could find. This song is DOPE.
Gothed-out macarena beat with some Johnny Cash on E stylings toward the end...yeah, B-Flowers is workin it out tight with this one...check it out:

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I've Got Your 2011 Resolution Right Here!!!

Ringin' in the new year with the dope HK nail set and strawberry champagne!! Ok, maybe this isn't my hand or my bubbly,
but I certainly appreciate how this lass rolls!!!
(Photo Courtesy: Hello Nails!

Hello-hello dear Glamvitians, how are ye?? Super duper stoked I hope!!! So here we are, 2011!!! I can hardly believe I've made it this far. I mean, what with all of  the shopping, dancing in stilettos, eye makeup imprinted pillows, rocking out to the 80's and steady supply of french fries, ranch dressing and red wine into the ol' bod; it's surprising to fathom I've made it through without developing a bunyan with accompanying ulcer and credit card debt to match!! But no, "Not I," said the cat. I've actually fared quite well considering that life on my planet (aka, West LA) was designed to wear us into emotionally depleted, socially decrepit shells of the bountiful squirrel hearts we came into this world as. (Feel free to weep...actually don't - it was an empty gesture)...
Ok, it's a tad trashy for the likes of Glam Vita,
but I had to post this one up for everyone who
traveled over the holidays, haha!!
(PhotoCourtesy: Left Coast Rebel)
This is precisely why I don't believe in making New Year's resolutions and I pretty much never have. I mean, 'the f*ck for?? Yeah, sure, we can stick to the ol "no more gossiping" or "must go to the gym at least 3 times a week," or my personal fave, "stop buying Smiths records with songs I already have on them," for a good 3-6 months at first, but it never works for all 365 days of the year. NEVER. That's not to say the start of the new year isn't a good time to stick to maybe one or two big resolutions like "quit smoking" (for those slave to the nicotine) or "spend more time w/the kids," but a whole list??? C'mon Son - gtfohwdatunrealisticlistbullsh*t!!! Foreal.
So in the spirit of keepin' it real, I'm gonna do the New Year's list thing my way. (How else?!) Feast your eyes on my: "What I can't wait to shop for (or at least jock from afar) in 2011" list!!! Woot-woooot!!!!

Fashion Week is always such a tease since nothing parading down the runway is available until the next year. That's why I'm puttin these fan-friggin-tabulous peek-a-boo booties by Nicole Miller first cuz your girl has been lusting after them HARD for months!!!
(Photo Courtesy: Consumer Nation)

Ah, halter neck, how do I love thee?! Not only are most of the 2011 lines dope beyond belief, but this year's stuff also features two things I cannot live without in my wardrobe - halter neck couture AND a decent platform at the ball of the shoes!! From Left: Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan, Vena Cava, Calvin Klein. (Photo Courtesy, Refinery 29)

Love, Angel, Music, Baby!!!! Gwen Stefani's 2011 designs for L.A.M.B are killin it!!! Aside from the wicked hot strap-me-up style of the shoe, I love how the model's toe nail polish is so on point with the rest of the outfit!! (Photo Courtesy: Consumer Nation)

Work-it, beeotch!!! I'm all over this get-up from the 2011 Armani collection! Jockin it h-2-t!!!
There's no way I'm going to post on 2011 must-haves without paying special attention to the Chanel fly-as-all-f*ck boots that debuted last fall!! I mean, sure they're not for everyone, but they've got it goin on like nobody's bitnizz!!! The blue & gold ones below are so ornate they're like a Faberge Egg!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Gettin' Funky on the Mic Like an Old Batch of Mistle Toe!!

Lol @ this illustration by Dr. Nick D. Kim of Nick's Cartoons.
Merry Christmas my loves!!! As many of you know, Christmas is a time ripe with traditions both spiritual and personal, and while no two families celebrate the season exactly alike (ok, maybe they do, but just play along:), here at Glam Vita we like to celebrate in our own special way. And what way might that be, you ask? Well, lets just say it involves an all-up-in-your-grill film review, some snarky celeb commentary and a dollop of whatever else I want to discuss, damnit!! (Still not sure what you're in for? Click HERE to see last year's Christmas post for further preparation.)

Christian Bale schools Mark
Wahlberg in the ring in The Fighter.
Photo Courtesy: Paramount Pictures
 So, yeah, on to the film review!! Going to the movies on Christmas night is an established tradition in my family and it's usually a film both of my parents can get into, which usually means action and solid acting for my dad's taste, and lovey dovey romance plus numerous costumes and dance numbers for Mamacita. (What can I say? The lady is a die-hard Bollywood buff!!) Given the family's criteria coupled with my own penchant for shirtless hotties a solid plot when it comes to picking a flick, we all agreed The Fighter with Mark "yummy abs" Wahlberg and Christian "What don't you f*ckin understand??" Bale would be the best bet.
Mark Wahlberg channels his inner southie
boy to play boxer Mickey Ward in The Fighter.
The film is based on the life and career of prize fighter "Irish" Micky Ward, a true-to-life man's man outta gritty Lowell, Mass., and his trashy-as-all-hell family that just can't stop dumping on him and capitalizing off of him all at the same time.
That being said, what I liked most about the film is how it takes the universal theme of the underdog held hostage by a chronically unhealthy family dynamic, and turns it on its chain-smoking, beer-drinking ear into something completely fresh and engaging.
While the direction and writing are impenetrably tight, the acting is equally as ferocious. It's been reported Marky-Mark has been training for this role since, like, The Funky Bunch, and while that hard work translates through his performance, it's actually Bale's performance as big bro and ex-fighter Dickie Eklund (ugh, so many lame names in this movie) that really packs the punch in this film (no pun intended). Who knew Batman could lose the cape and play the part of a toothless crackhead so well??! Bottomline: You've gotta catch this flick!
Speaking of unfortunate life turns, it's come to my attention that old skool R&B artist and one-time Rick James protégé, Teena Marie passed away in her sleep the day after Christmas at age 54...Can't say I was a big fan of hers, but I do have a special love for the post-disco, Prince-esque, funk-pop genre she carved her neon guitar niche in. And I must admit, her big hit Lovergirl was the JAM of that era!! Here's a vid of it for those not familiar:

..."I'm for the real, and for you I'm true blue"...indeed...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Deck the Halls with Glee & Elmo!!!

The 2010 Hollywood Christmas Parade went down pretty much
without a hitch (save for the Elmo incident, below)!!
Photos and coverage by Yours Truly =-)
 A few days back my editor at contacted me to work the red carpet for the Hollywood Christmas Parade and I jumped on the opportunity like Charlie Sheen on a coked-up hooker!! I mean, hey, I love me some holiday cheer and I especially love red carpet events, so you can only imagine my merriment at getting the assignment!! For my official straight-up news style write-up of the parade published on, please click HERE.
Anywho, so I hit the red carpet a little before sundown armed with my mic and my not-so-trusty little 7.3 megapixel steed, and within minutes the celebs started showing up to deck the halls Hollywood style!! (Which basically means teeth so white you can see them from outer space, and even a couple of product plugs while walking the carpet. ;)
Yes-yes y'all, your girl got a chance to snap and speak to the likes of Larry King (Grand Marshal of the parade and recently-outed sick bastage who banged his sis-in-law), hosts Erik Estrada (best known as "Ponch" from CHiPS & BFF to Vanilla Ice on VH-1's The Surreal Life) and Laura McKenzie (best known for, ummm, yeah I dunno). I also got a few minutes with a couple of the gals from Grey's Anatomy (Sara Ramirez & Sarah Drew) and even Courtney Galiano of So You Think You Can Dance & Glee!!! Scroll down for the full scoop!!

Lookin like they about to git freekay!! Lol, parade hosts
Erik Estrada and Laura McKenzie chatted with me a bit about what
they love most about Christmas in SoCal and being excited for the season in general.
"It's the holiday season in Hollywood," Estrada said.
"We love this time of year here!! Get ready for a great time"!!!
Glee's Courtney Galiano strikes a pose for your girl!! What's that look on her face, you ask?? It reads, "I've never heard of your magazine, but you look like you know what you're doing, so I'll just pose & get it over with!"

Larry King and wifey still together after he was smashin her sister???? Ahh, those cooky old folks!! Speaking of which, is it just me or is ol' Larry startin to look like he belongs in the Thriller video??? Yeah, I said it!!

Grey's Anatomy actresses Sara Ramirez (left) and Sarah Drew (right) were my faves that night!! They were super sweet and sooo down to talk to your girl!! Sarah Drew chatted with me a little bit about the issue of teen bullying and being comfortable in your own skin:
"I’d like to go back and have a dinner with my 16-year-old self," she said. "I would tell her that in order to be loved and accepted you don’t have to perform. You don’t have to be the best and be everything to everyone all the time, you can actually just be and relax, and acknowledge that you are who you are. I think that’s what I would tell her, and I would tell every teen that."
What can I say? The lady is D.O.P.E!!!
And last but not least is the Elmo, uh, incident I mentioned above. I didn't take the video since I decided to hit American Apparel after the red carpet and then watched the whole parade from a toasty spot inside the Hollywood & Highland Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. (What can I say? I'm a priss!!)
Note: the vid doesn't actually capture the entire incident, but close. What you don't see here is how poor Elmo got stuck between two traffic lights that were really close together right in front of Madame Tussauds!!! Mad props to Elmo's wranglers for getting him through the bowsh*zz cuz it was majorly windy that night!!