Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Celebrating VD & the Grammys the Glam Vita Way!!!

Couple's Catwalk! Valentine's "Barbie & Ken" model lingerie by Karla Giselle and Andrew Christian during a Grammy afterparty in Hollywood, Feb. 13th.
Oh, helloooo my dears!!! It's been a hot minute since my last post and I do apologize for the slackness, howevs, I assure you that I've been incognito for good reason (my future!) and NO ONE has missed Glam Vita more than me!!!! Now before I get into just where the bleep I've been the past few weeks, I'd like to direct your attention to the hot models in lingerie above (and below, for that matter). And, no, I haven't been abducted by a semi-nudist colony and forced to forgo my blogging prowess to prance in my undies -- these here are some snaps (taken by moi!) of a super hot lingerie fashion show thrown by the party peoples at F.A.M.E. LA in honor of the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards/Valentine's Day and a whole bunch of other sponsors. But who cares about them?? On to the fashion!!
True Blood's Natasha Alam poses
for GirleeCat on the red carpet.
So yeah, said lingerie show went down at Level Three nightclub inside the Kodak Theater complex in Hollywood in honor of this year's non-Belieber Grammys. And while there was a bit of action on the red carpet with Grammy hopefuls, newbies and unknowns, etc., most of the red carpet buzz was for the lovely blond on the right who happens to be the newest star of HBO's True Blood!! Her name is Natasha Alam and not only does she play Eric Northman’s (Alexander Skarsgard) newest love interest on the hit vampire softcore porn tv show, she's also a Playboy playmate!! Wooooot!!
Hot vampire chics aside, the lingerie show was completely en pointe in style, presentation and art direction, albeit running really late. (Never cut into a glamorista's beauty sleep before the Monday morning rush, hmpff!!) But once the show was on, it was ON!! Boooyy did them models put it on us!!! Check out the hot bods styles on display by designers Karla Giselle, Andrew Christian, Style by Sterling and Dulcenea Lingerie:
Holy Crotch, Batman!!! I don't know if the male models were stuffin' or fluffin' before the show, but I'll just keep it clean & talk about homeboy's, uh, tie. Yeah, the tie is by Style by Sterling.. ;-p

Normally I'm not a fan of the bleached blond look, but
it totally works here with the baby pink lace. Love this set!!!

Ol' girl looks like she could use an In-N-Out burger (or 20!),
but the black set she's flossin' is super sexaay!!

Obligatory corset shot!! Love the choice of colors and fabrics here.

Yummy!!! The undies are Andrew Christian & the tie is S-by-S again..

Beautiful set!! This color works so well with her skin tone!!
Too bad it looks like she she just caught a wiff of Charlie Sheen's
breath after a long night of hookers, 8-balls and booze!!


Anonymous said...

"Stuffin' or fluffin"!!!!
"Charlie Sheen's breath"!!!!
HAHAHAHA!! Also, fab shots babe!

Ninjagaiden78 said...

Stuffin or Fluffin...
Glad you are back Tina.

GirleeCat said...

Hahaha, thanks guys!!! Feels great to be back!!
@ Loni: Between you and I, "stuffin or fluffin" seems like something we'd hear at a Steel Panther show, hahaha!!! ;-D

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a Steel Panther song!

Anonymous said...

It's a VD Explosion as Conan says! haha meaning Valentine's Day... wow awesome post! Loves it

GirleeCat said...

Lol, thanks Char!! Yeah, the "VD" for v-day was Conan-inspired, howevs, the Charlie Sheen reference at the end was inspired by our Sheen-is-a-freak-of-nature discussions!!

-mztoots- said...

LOL i love your comments!! and YEA that guys is packing lolol holy moly!! the girls are so sexy! makes me want to go on a diet LOL so great that you got to be there and photograph the event =))

GirleeCat said...

Nice to meet ya, Mizz Toots!! Thanks for checking out my blog! Yeah, homeboy's packin' for surre, hahaha!! Don't stress abt losing weight gurrl, I'm sure you're fine just as you izzzzz!!! ;-)

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