Friday, January 14, 2011


Brandon Flowers & his 'stache...
As much of a music lover that I am, I realize that I hardly ever do any music posts!!! Tisk-tisk on GirleeCat for this!!! So guess what we have this fine Friday evening, folks?? That's right, a little snippet from my T-Tunes for ye!!  This here is a track off of an album I've been OBSESSED with and have been listening to practically non-stop in my car for like almost 2 months now. It's a song called "Jacksonville" off of Brandon Flowers' solo album, Flamingo. Who's Brandon Flowers and why is he singing about stank-ass Jacksonville (no offence to anyone from Jacksonville:) you ask?? Brandon Flowers, or B-Flowers as I like to call him, is the lead singer of the Killers who decided to go solo last year for "Reasons Unknown"... ok, I know that was cheezy.
Anywho, I love this track, "Jacksonville." It's thick, dark and sexy like the flicker of candlelight in dark brown eyes. And the great thing is that it's the best song on the album that was never even supposed to be on the album cuz it's a bonus track!! In fact, I think some presses of Flamingo don't even have it one there! Nevermind that it's named after the largest city in Florida, which was named after Andrew Jackson (thank you Wikipedia). And nevermind that there's no official video clip for it so I have no choice but to post the least cheezy youtube vid of it I could find. This song is DOPE.
Gothed-out macarena beat with some Johnny Cash on E stylings toward the end...yeah, B-Flowers is workin it out tight with this one...check it out:

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I've Got Your 2011 Resolution Right Here!!!

Ringin' in the new year with the dope HK nail set and strawberry champagne!! Ok, maybe this isn't my hand or my bubbly,
but I certainly appreciate how this lass rolls!!!
(Photo Courtesy: Hello Nails!

Hello-hello dear Glamvitians, how are ye?? Super duper stoked I hope!!! So here we are, 2011!!! I can hardly believe I've made it this far. I mean, what with all of  the shopping, dancing in stilettos, eye makeup imprinted pillows, rocking out to the 80's and steady supply of french fries, ranch dressing and red wine into the ol' bod; it's surprising to fathom I've made it through without developing a bunyan with accompanying ulcer and credit card debt to match!! But no, "Not I," said the cat. I've actually fared quite well considering that life on my planet (aka, West LA) was designed to wear us into emotionally depleted, socially decrepit shells of the bountiful squirrel hearts we came into this world as. (Feel free to weep...actually don't - it was an empty gesture)...
Ok, it's a tad trashy for the likes of Glam Vita,
but I had to post this one up for everyone who
traveled over the holidays, haha!!
(PhotoCourtesy: Left Coast Rebel)
This is precisely why I don't believe in making New Year's resolutions and I pretty much never have. I mean, 'the f*ck for?? Yeah, sure, we can stick to the ol "no more gossiping" or "must go to the gym at least 3 times a week," or my personal fave, "stop buying Smiths records with songs I already have on them," for a good 3-6 months at first, but it never works for all 365 days of the year. NEVER. That's not to say the start of the new year isn't a good time to stick to maybe one or two big resolutions like "quit smoking" (for those slave to the nicotine) or "spend more time w/the kids," but a whole list??? C'mon Son - gtfohwdatunrealisticlistbullsh*t!!! Foreal.
So in the spirit of keepin' it real, I'm gonna do the New Year's list thing my way. (How else?!) Feast your eyes on my: "What I can't wait to shop for (or at least jock from afar) in 2011" list!!! Woot-woooot!!!!

Fashion Week is always such a tease since nothing parading down the runway is available until the next year. That's why I'm puttin these fan-friggin-tabulous peek-a-boo booties by Nicole Miller first cuz your girl has been lusting after them HARD for months!!!
(Photo Courtesy: Consumer Nation)

Ah, halter neck, how do I love thee?! Not only are most of the 2011 lines dope beyond belief, but this year's stuff also features two things I cannot live without in my wardrobe - halter neck couture AND a decent platform at the ball of the shoes!! From Left: Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan, Vena Cava, Calvin Klein. (Photo Courtesy, Refinery 29)

Love, Angel, Music, Baby!!!! Gwen Stefani's 2011 designs for L.A.M.B are killin it!!! Aside from the wicked hot strap-me-up style of the shoe, I love how the model's toe nail polish is so on point with the rest of the outfit!! (Photo Courtesy: Consumer Nation)

Work-it, beeotch!!! I'm all over this get-up from the 2011 Armani collection! Jockin it h-2-t!!!
There's no way I'm going to post on 2011 must-haves without paying special attention to the Chanel fly-as-all-f*ck boots that debuted last fall!! I mean, sure they're not for everyone, but they've got it goin on like nobody's bitnizz!!! The blue & gold ones below are so ornate they're like a Faberge Egg!!!