Thursday, November 4, 2010

Girl Crush Strikes @ LA Fashion Week!!

Kelly Nishimoto pairs up for a pic w/moi!!
So, last week I covered one of the final events of LA Fashion Week for - the Kelly Nishimoto fashion show at the W Hotel, Hollywood. [Click HERE to see]
Who's Kelly Nishimoto you ask? Aside from being the gorgeous specimen in the pink fur on the left, she is one of LA's hottest young clothing designers on the scene today, and more recently, my new girl crush!!
Now before some of you go ape sh*t with the girl-in-black & pink-on-girl-in-black & pink fantasies (you know who you are), I say girl crush because she's beautiful, talented and making her mark - 3 things that instantly make me admire her and also want to braid her hair in the bath while discussing our love of 80's synth-pop and shopping at Mood. (Stop balking!!)
Anywho, her sh*t's not just hot because she's worn by the likes of Gwen Stefani, Paris Hilton and Dave Navarro. (Don't act surprised - you know he gets down like that!!) No my pretties, K-Nish (as I'm calling her now that we're besties we've met) is the sh*t because her designs embody what most LA women are looking for in an outfit: fun, flattering and feminine. Oh yeah, and if you're ballin' on a budget like moi, her stuff is actually affordable!! Scroll down for her latest contribution to girly-fied fabulousness, the Easy Glamour collection:
Is it a maxi dress? Is it formal wear? BOTH, b*tches!!
Love this look!! Very reminiscent of Michael C.'s
"Effortless Dress" from season 8's Project Runway.

Ok, not so down with the knickers,
but LOVE the bustier & leggings!!

Satin & slouch!! This look is soft, pretty and chic, just like its designer!!

Swap the ankle boots for some stiletto mules and I'd rock this outfit AS IS!!

K, nevermind the Grace-Jones-on-qualudes
lookin model, the metallic front-slit skirt is SEXAY!!


S. said...

L-O-V-E!!!!! She is gorgeous and her fashions are drool-worthy. Just wish I was back in Cali to join in all the fun!


GirleeCat said...

Omg!!! You soooo have to move back here!!! I'd totally take you to events w/me!! You have amazing style, so no wonder you love her too!! =-)

Victor said...

Hey GirleeCat, great review. That event seems like it was totally fun. Always like to hear your take on local LA events.

Ninjagaiden78 said...

Nice dresses.

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