Sunday, October 17, 2010

Meow Mix!!

Meow!!! Every piece of Jason Wu's latest
collection is on HIT!! Photo Courtesy:
There are two types of leopard lovers out there -- the wearing type and the staring type.  And depending on the circumstances, Girleecat is definitely a leopard wearer first, and when she is admiring someone else's leopard loveliness and/or when she can't afford something lovely and leopard, she's a leopard starer. That being said, for all practical purposes today I'm a starer and by staring, I really mean simultaneously ogling, drooling and plotting to somehow rob the weed dispensary next door of its profits save up enough money for at least the fantastically orgasmic Jason Wu leopard semi-booties (shown above with the wondrous double-ridged platform in the front), and the equally as dope two-tone doctor's bag. Of course the entire set is ahhhmaaaziinnggg, but as long as I get my claws on the shoes and the bag, order should be restored to my jungle (read: closet).
So, today I take ye' on a safari of hautness below, plus a hair raising treat at the end!! ;-)
SO HAUTE!!!! These python, leopard print peep toes by our
lover Christian Louboutin aren't necessarily a new release,
but I jock them and still can't afford them all the same.

Oh Chanel, is there nothing better than when you bring
us leopard evening bags?? Nope, there really isn't.

It's baaaack!!! You might remember this Ferragamo clit tease tote
from the BH Fashion post below, but I'm still jockin' it harder
than Jesse James jocks skanks with forehead tattoos!!

Ok, the pic isn't quite doing these babies justice, but the sunglasses
are diamond, leopard and f*cking fabulous!! Designed by Lugano
Diamonds for Barton Perriera , the frame is inlaid with 3.59 carat
fancy intense yellow and black diamonds.
  And last but not least are a pair of pumps that are not leopard and not quite my style, but they are so damn fierce they definitely deserve honorary mention in this post. Check 'em!!!
Known on the runway as "Mohawk Heels," I like to call these
goat hair & suede-clad babies by YSL my, "Heels I would
wear if I were going as a zebra this Halloween, but I'm not, so nevermind."


Milan said...

dude, u said'clit tease'!! didn't know there was sucha thing but i guess there is!! meow is right!!! ;]

GirleeCat said...

LOLOLOL!!! Yep, cuz that's what it be, hahaha!! ;-)

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