Saturday, September 11, 2010

Express Yourself!!!

Welcome back, Madge!! Fashion is still your home, salude!!
Greetings Glamvitians!!!
So, I hit up Fashion Night Out in Beverly Hills tonight and it's much too fabulous not to mention. What's Fashion Night out you ask? Picture every street fair/artwalk/buzzed shopping spree you've ever experienced, add some outstanding high fashion (with accompanying "Oh.Mah.GAH." price tags), mash it all up and that was the BH Fashion Night Out. Honestly, if they did this every Friday night, you betcha pave cufflinks your girl would be there with stilettos on and a rapidly depleting bank account because it was just that HAUTE!! Before we get to the vintage trunk loads of amazing new fashion I was quietly orgasming over under my skirt, tonight also marked the return of one of my favorite entertainers as the face of Dolce & Gabbana: Madonna! Woop-woop!! Still love those eyebrows of hers, might I add.
Anywho, on to the gyst... Also among the fabulosity of all the fashion, I found a new magazine that makes my luxury meter flip to its highest setting (and that's pretty high)! The magazine is called Beverly Hills Lifestyle and it's a TON like Beverly Hills Report, just newer and not extinct. Check the cover (much like BHR with the gold foil on the cover & all, just sayin...)

Next: The shoes. Yes, there was no shortage of gorgeous shoes debuting tonight, but these babies by Roberto Cavalli stood out to me as the shoes I'd walk all over your man with if he tried to step. Strappy, black with chain detail? Yup-yup, yon shoes have got it goin ON!!!

Compounding the fashion show on ecstasy vibe goin on in Beverly Hills tonight was the presence of (the wondiferously trim) Kelly Osbourne, check it:
K, kinda fuzzy, but you get the picture...literally, lol.

Last but not least: The bag is by Salvatore Ferragamo, it's calfskin, leopard AND it has tons of pockets!!! Nothing short of true L.O.V.E.
Yeah, it came in super small, but it's my baby,
and it shall be MINE, muahahahaha!!!!


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