Monday, December 21, 2009


Happy Monday, ya'll. So I got up this morning to the news that Brittany Murphy has 32!!...The internet has been down at my place since last week (an odessey in patience all its own) and it wasn’t until I ventured over to my parents' connection today that I was able to get all my gossip headlines, but WTF?? I totally didn't expect this one, especially since I'd kind of forgotten all about her with Hollywood already so ripe with late 20's-early 30's aged actresses making headlines for poor lifestyle choices instead of strong screen work (see the post below this one for a perfect example), that Ms. Murphy pretty much had slipped off my radar.
It's not that I'm some big fan of hers or that I even really considered her a good actress, but I can say I've followed her work a little bit since she came onto the scene in 1994 with Clueless (one of those movies we'd rock after school everyday for like months) and it's kind of really a shock to me that's she's gone, especially so young. I'm not one of those weirdos who all feels like I knew some celeb even when I'm a huge fan of someone and know tons of details about their lives (like my man Morrissey or 'Ye), but I just feel so bad for her husband and family, and can't help but wonder if her death was a product of her lifestyle. The reports I read said her mother (who she is  said to have been very close to) found her unconscious in the shower, and that she died of cardiac arrest, which for her age group is basically code for coke problem and/or eating disorder. If that's the case, I wouldn’t be surprised since the Hollywood machine manages to chew up young people with drugs as its saliva and spit them out a spiritually impoverished version of their former selves routinely, but it's just sad that another young lady left her loved ones and fans this way.

Over the years I've managed to pick up little details about Murphy’s life (ex./ she dated Ashton Kutcher and Eminem) and I have seen some of her other films like 8 Mile (3 stars), Girl Interrupted (4 stars) and Love & Other Disasters ( -2 stars, seriously baaaaad), and it's been reported that she was working on an indie film at the time of her death, so she definitely had some more good years of work to share with us. R.I.P, lady. Like I said above, bummer.


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