Wednesday, November 18, 2009

No such thing as bad publicity...?

Greetings my lovelies, I hope all yee are well. Unfortunately, I'm not feeling so well today, so I'm home lounging and taking a day off  to chillax and troll the Internet for random gossip - yaaayy!! And in my web wanderings, I came across this little tidbit about John Mayer's stance on the whole Kanye/Taylor Swift VMA debacle (AKA, "Douchbag-Gate, Part 748").
Now, I know a good portion of the world holds an extremely special hatred for 'Ye and I admit it takes a special type of fan to be able to separate all the dude's Taurett's-style displays of douchebagery from his dope beats, but seriously, it's time to get over the Taylor Swift thing. And before you egg this post and get yolk all over your screens, let me state my case further.
There's no question that 'Ye can be a douchebag, borderline douchefag, who needs to be hung up by his balls and beaten with a whip made of tampons soaked in lemon Pledge every time he acts up, but the dude does make some syck, one-of-a-kind beats. And for those who really listen to his rhymes (like moi), homie could be a motivational speaker.
Yeah he has an ego the size of Fergie's package, but that's what has made him such an infamous character in the biz. If it wasn't for someone as famous as him crapping on Taylor's VMA moment, most people over the age of 21 with decent taste in music would still have no idea who she is!!! And that's the truth, yo.
Before the 2009 VMA's, I seriously thought Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood were the same person. I had no idea she had a whole career of crappy country pop of her own going. Now that I know who she is (thanks to 'Ye), I even kinda like that song (I'm so ashamed). And I don't think I'm alone here. Dude, Janet Jackson sent her flowers the morning after the VMA's!!!! Do you really think Ms. Jackson-if-you're-nasty would have given Taylor Swift even one millisecond of a thought if 'Ye hadn't douched on her moment? That's right folks, no. Not even if Janet was taking a 45- minute crap while reading a copy of Teen People magazine with Taylor on the cover would she have given a sh*t about Ms. Swift, let alone have an actual thought process about her.
So, in closing, I'd like to say it's time for Taylor to give back. That's right girl, admit Kanye West put you on the map and send him some damn flowers! Admit that the publicity you got from the VMA debacle is the best publicity you've ever had, or will ever have again, lest you lose your virginity to a three-some with Michael Moore and Snoop Dogg on the Internet while screaming, "I'm a gay fish!!!!" But until that happens, I think it's time to 'bow in the presense of greatness' and put an end to the brutal, yet surprisingly long-lived, Kanye bashing. No one's asking you to admit Beyonce had the best video of all time (she really didn't), but it's time to be honest about what the VMA drama has done for your career: Pure butter, baby.


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