Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Big Bird turns 40!!!

Greetings my lovelies! Today I spent the morning at my parents' house where my niece and nephew are staying. I noticed them watching Sesame Street and I decided to chill for a spill and watch the show. As it turns out I was in for a treat since it happened to be the show's 40th birthday episode!! Holla!!!
And as to be expected, many festivites were on deck for celebrating the 40th bday of the street where everything's "A-OK." The biggest surprise was a guest spot by Michelle Obama who apparently bonded with Big Bird over being tall; however, this all could have been a cover for Mrs. Obama's real motive: to snag some of Big Bird's feathers and use 'em to concoct next year's big money making flu epidemic: Big Bird Flu. (AKA, the "ABC-123 Virus") ;-p

Anywho, my sister-in-law brought up a valid point while we were watching the show: Elmo sooo wasn't the stoked character in our day!!! Today he is the End-all/Be-all of childrens' characters to the Elmer's paste-eating set the world over, but in our day Elmo was a nobody compared to the OG likes of Oscar the Grouch and the proverbial homie, Snuffleupagus. Hell, even the not-so ambiguously gay Bert n' Ernie got more play than Elmo did back in the day.
It's almost enough to make ya wonder if Elmo and his handlers sold his puppet soul to the devil or some evil hitmaker like Simon Cowell or Montgomery C. Burns. I can just imagine how it went down...
Elmo: Elmo want to be cool.
Monty Burns: This can be arranged, but for a price...I want 45% of your life's earnings and the hand that's up your ass to be up mine as well.
Elmo: Elmo no want to share tickle-me-ass plug, but will do it for fame. Make everyone love Elmo!!
Monty Burns: Excellent! Smithers, fetch me my furry red hot pants and slather my chest with glitter oil - it's time to celebrate!!
Lol..I mean, if it worked for Elmo, maybe I should hit up Cowell or Burns or Lucifer and see if I can wager my entire shoe and handbag collections to get lasting mega success as a writer???
...sigh...The cynical musings of my girleecat mind have led me astray from the main purpose of this post: Happy 40th Birthday Sesame Street!! May you have 40 more years of sunny days and sweet, cloudless skies!!! Woot-woot!!!!


Anonymous said...

You said "tickle me ass plug"!! Hahahahahahahah!!!!!

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