Monday, January 25, 2010

Let the Good Times Roll in 2010!!

Yowsa! It's been waaayy too damn long since I last posted here! How are my GlamVitians??? (All 11 of you, lol.) I know, I know, I took a super long break from this blog because well, I just had a lot of shizz goin on, so there. My (non) apologies outta the way - HAPPY BLEEPIN NEW YEAR to you all!! I know that comes a li'l late, but it's actually really good we're a few weeks in to 2010, since this way I can start dishing on what I think this year has been about so far and what, I'm guessing, it'll continue to be about.

So far, I'd have to say 2010 has been all about new beginnings. For instance, I finally did decide to go back to school (see blog posts 2 & 3 for backstory on this), so I've been shimmying my way back into college life again for the first time in, well, some time. And for those not in the know, yes, I'm going back to school for a career change from journalism to healthcare. Now, now, no need to weep darlings, I'll still be here with an open heart ready to spew more decadent verbal debauchery at you about anything I deem Glam Vita worthy, so never fear. You are not alone.

Also proving that 2010 is all about starting anew, is the whole Conan O'Brien vs. Jay Leno f*ckery that's been dominating the headlines so far this year. Dunno about you, but to me this scandal, or "Colen" as I like to call it, has been all about Conan, the magic he brings to the table and what he needs to do to keep his late night awesomeness alive, as not to get sucked dry by the corporate baddies. So, when NBC was all, "Duuhhh Conan, Jay wants the Tonight Show time slot back after he promised it to you years ago, so get in the back seat again or go play in traffic, mmkthx," it was up to Conan to keep his dignity, preserve the sanctity of his comic genius, throw Andy Richter over his shoulder a'la Brendan Frasier in Encino Man and say, "No-go, f*cktards. I best be leavin now for another network that will milk me somewhat less and appreciate me more, but not until you pricks pay me an ungodly sum of money to git gone cuz THIS IS SPARTA!!! ...Ps. bob on this, kthx."

I mean, really. Who does NBC think Conan is, Jimmy Fallon? No, my lovelies. Conan is much more than a pretty boy who wouldn't know an original punchline if it punched him right in the nads. This is why I believe that in the wake of Colen, Conan represents the spirit of 2010. It's that spirit that dictates standing up for yourself, staying true to what you're worth and letting go of toxic connections with those who take for granted what you bring to the world. This is what 2010 should be about for all of us. I know it is for me, i'nt that right kitty?

Yikes! Ok, we'll leave kitty out of it. Anywho, I'd like to close by saying God bless network television blunders for giving us all something to get self-righteous about, God bless Lady Gaga for giving me more hot sh*t to look forward to in 2010, and may peace be with us all this year and every year to come!!!


Anonymous said...

Yes!!! Toxic friendships and connections begone for 2010. Only good peeps allowed in our worlds!

GirleeCat said...

Fosho, luvvy. Kisses to you from across the living room!! :-x

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