Friday, October 9, 2009

Cuz this is Thriller!! Thriller night!!!

Greetings y'all, Glam Vita (AKA, Girleecat) here to welcome you to my new blog! This isn't my first blog and it ain't be my last, but I've decided to stop having 2 or 3 different blogs for different subjects (celebs, lovelife, etc.) and just combine my thoughts into one, so I can have one main focus and sounding board for the current happenings in my life. And what's currently happening in my life is being unemployed, yaaayy!!
I've been riding the "funemployment" train for practically this whole year now and I finally feel ok about going public with it. I mean, I know I shouldn't have anything to feel ashamed of being that the whole company that I worked for bit the dust and therefore, everyone I worked with lost their jobs, but it's still a major blow to the ego, not to mention it definitely makes you lose your identity a little bit. Especially if you really loved your job and can't seem to land anything good in your field. Which seems to be the boat I'm in... and for those of you who don't know me, I've been laid off from my job in publishing as a magazine editor and writer... :-( :-( :-( :-(
So yeah, that's my status and I'm (unfortunately) sticking to it. But on a lighter note - Omg, so starting next week the teacher of my hip hop dance class at my gym is going to teach us all the original dance routine for Michael Jackson's Thriller!!!! I'm thrilled!! And that's a good thing being that few things outside of friends and family make me happy these days. But I've always loved the Thriller routine and have considered it one of MJ's best (although there are so many, it's hard to choose)! I definitely feel that learning it in time for Halloween is seriously the best way to pay tribute to the Man in the Mirror and enjoy myself while doing it: hee-hee!! I wish I could tell you where my gym is, but the only hint I'll give is that it's in LA cuz it's going to be a popular class, and I don't want y'all coming and crowding up the lesson! ;-p


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